AC Plywood


The absolute beauty of a cedar deck adds to the calmness of the outdoors as soon as you step outside.

CDX Plywood

CDX Plywood is a great option for many construction projects because of its strength and durability.


Looking for a natural, warm-colored wood that is long-lasting and inviting? Cedar may be the right choice.

Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional lumber has become increasingly popular as builders are getting familiarized with it.

Douglas Fir


Are you starting construction on a home? Douglas fir is the first choice for residential contractors.

Eastern White Pine

EWPs are a sustainable construction option. They are engineered to meet modern building standards.


Hardboard, or HDF, has many benefits that make it very useful for many different uses for construction.

Hem Fir

Hem Fir is a type of lumber that can be used for decorative projects and construction purposes.

Laminated Veneer Lumber

LVL is a great lumber option for structural studs and load bearing beams for construction.


Maple is very highly regarded in the construction industry and is one of the strongest hardwoods.


Oak is a strong, moisture-resistant hardwood lumber that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Widely used in commercial and residential construction, OSB is a very reliable type of lumber.


Add character to your next project and check out our selection of pine wood at Lumber Barn!


Plywood is a very versatile type of lumber that can be used for a multitude of building projects.


Known for its creamy coloring, Poplar is a wood that can be used for construction or decoration.

Spruce Pine Fir Lumber

SPF Lumber is a versatile class of wood that is an excellent choice for house construction.

Treated Lumber

We offer a number great pressure treated lumber products that are perfect for outdoor applications.


We have a great selection of underlayment that will work perfectly for your building’s flooring.

Rough Hemlock


Rough cut boards are often used for board & batten siding, floor boards, or roof boards.

Cabinet Grade Birch


Birch Plywood is great for cabinetboxes because of its durability